Sales and Installation

IMG_1319Our team are passionate about delivering on our promise. Simply providing a superior standard of design, workmanship and service are the rules we work by. Our customers and the professionals we work with are always telling us just how reliable we are. It gives us pleasure to work hard and achieve results that not only please our customers, it also makes their life easy.

Once we produce a design we take care of the complete approval process. We see it through holding your hand right to the end making sure nothing falls through the cracks. By working closely with Architects and Tradesmen we are able to ensure your Inclined Lift is compliant when it comes to safety standards. This is our single most important priority.

Inclined Lifts’ commitment to delivering superior service is what will impress you the most. We are available and accountable across all aspects of the design, manufacturing and installation of your inclined lift. In most cases you will be dealing directly with the business owner ensuring you be given exactly what you should expect, that is plain old fashioned customer service.

So many of our clients have said how glad they were to have chosen Inclined Lifts after experiencing the level of personal attention they received. We just make the process so easy from start to finish. Architects and Tradies often recommend us to their trusting clients because they know how hands on we are. We surprise them with the level of involvement we have in seeing the process right through.

Inclined lifts work in all areas across Sydney and from the Central Coast to the Southern Highlands

Contact the Inclined Lifts team now on 1300 789 392 or email for further information and to discuss your requirements.