Meet the Team

Your Total Inclined Lift Solution

“The Inclined Lifts are without doubt what makes our business stand out”

Andrew – Owner Inclined Lifts

We are constantly reminded by our clients that our team does a great job. 

Frank has been servicing our clients for 10years now. Our clients rave how great it is to have Frank looking after them and how easy he makes things. 

Dylan, Hamish & Jaimyn are just superb operators, working hard to make sure our clients are taken care of.  The boys take time to understand what is important to each and every client. Sometimes it is preserving the ecosystem that exists, sometimes we need to handle the other tradies. Whatever it is that needs doing the whole team is across it.

Liz has been a part of the team for a number of years too. She works with our clients and our suppliers making sure all of our paperwork and accounts are in order.

Laura has worked with us in our Marketing & Advertising division since 2014. She helped build our very first website and continues to work hard at understanding what it is that our clients need to know about us.  Growing our professional message and keeping relevant to our clients is really important to us.