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Your Total Inclined Lift Solution

Do you live on a block of land that is too steep for an Inclined Lift?

Inclined Lifts has your solution with the Automatic Levelling System.

Inclined Lifts have been working with property owners for many years now to provide solutions that make life easier when it comes to accessing homes situated on steep blocks with restricted access.

The Inclined Lift’s exclusive Automatic Levelling System (ALS) allows you to access to the depths of your property like you have never been able to before. Accessing the hard to reach corners of your property is done with safety in mind with the ALS always keeping passengers level with the superior hydraulic system.

‘People love it…they are a really big hit!’ says Andrew Gould, the creator of Inclined Lift’s ALS ‘Although we are usually able to provide a great solution for most property owners, we needed to find an answer that allowed us to overcome the expense that comes with a property requiring angle changes greater than 25 degrees.’

By creating the ALS we have helped our clients:

  • Avoid expensive excavation;
  • In some cases, allow an inclined lift to be installed that would not otherwise be possible;
  • Flexibility to service different access points;
  • Increase Council support of DA approval by avoiding usual excavation and improve visual appeal;
  • Reduce the rail height which gives the ability to camouflage into the property’s natural landscape;
  • Increase the feeling of safety of passengers due to being lower to the ground
  • Maintaining an Automatic Levelling System from Inclined Lifts is easy with scheduled servicing program of your Inclined Lift.

To see how an Automatic Levelling System from Inclined Lifts might look in your property contact our team today on.
1300 789 392